Never Fails Marriage | Brian Summer

Never Fails Marriage | Brian Summer

RIAN SUMNER of Liverpool, England, came to America to pursue a career as a professional skateboarder for Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse. It was in his early 20s that He came to faith. Brian and Tracy were married after only four months, and within a year had their first child. Soon after this however, their marriage deteriorated, they divorced, and Brian was over living. As things began to fall apart, it wasn’t long before Brian began looking for answers, and soon both he and Tracy came to faith, were re-married and had two more children. Today, he Pastors in Huntington Beach, California, at Branches Church, and travels to evangelize, preach and teach worldwide. You may have seen Brian, his wife Tracy, and their three children featured in testimonial videos by I am Second” and Billy Graham’s “My Hope America.”


"Believe me, my wife and I wrote the book on how not to have a marriage. We took our vows after being together for only four months, were without faith, and had no clue about what this marriage union and covenant really meant. Soon after our first child was born, we were fighting like the worst of enemies. Eventually, as with so many marriages, we were divorced. Within the next few years, we hit our lowest points, but through looking for foundations of truth, we both had life-changing experiences through seeing Gods grace and mercy through the person of Jesus Christ. We soon remarried, had two more children, and began on a path to understand the keys to love, marriage, and faith. As we began to see the true purpose of marriage and the strains and struggles couples face when they don’t understand Gods call and The Great Commission, it became evident that it was time to write a book on how to have a biblical marriage. Our struggles with insecurity, jealousy, anger, frustration, lack of direction and more, only led us to look to God for answers."


This book is focused onrevealing the promises we found in God’s Word. Couples once married spend little to know time making time for their marriages. We believe that within 30 days of applying Gods truths to our marriages, we will begin to see a difference as we reflect Him daily as two who have become one, sacrificially live for one another and die to self. This book lays foundational theological truths, exposes common struggles, and provides practical applications. Marriage is the first ministry a spouse has after his or her walk with Jesus, and our goal is to strengthen that foundation as you humbly open yourselves to God’s Word, letting Him speak to you as He pastors the walk ahead. Great for singles, courting or engaged also.


Over 150 pages, broken down into easy to read chapters, digging deep into scripture, experience and the struggles and victories faced in marriage. Each chapter challenges everyone to look inward and reflect.