Why Jesus? | Ravi Zacharias

Why Jesus? | Ravi Zacharias

There is little understanding today of who Jesus is.

Here's why it should matter to you.


Is the Jesus-marketed by the spirituality gurus of today the real Jesus? And why should it matter? In Why Jesus?, apologetics scholar Ravi Zacharias brings into focus the ever-changing shape of popular spirituality.


Why Jesus? is a pioneering book and a remarkable feat of ebjective research that will change the way we perceive the prevailing, largely unchallenged, spiritualized worldview of our day. Zacharias's knowledge of everything from Eastern mysticism to New Age religious systems and modern paganism is in itself no less impressive than his discerning commentary on what all of this means for modern society, and especially the Christian church. His deeply researched but lightly worn scholarship informs every page and brilliantly proves that the truth about who Jesus is, no matter how elusive and uncomfortable it may be for contemporary culture, is worth pursuing.